Heart of noise : first two tracks mini review

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After a brief fight with the website, I got my advance copied of the first two tracks as part of the physical 'fan box'

Any complaints from the first part of the album that it wasn't Jarre enough with all the collaborations can be instantly dismissed.
This is him on top knob twiddling form, albeit sounding very digital.

Part one is a slow epic wide Bladerunner style piece. Goes well with the bleak snowy weather I have at the moment.

Part two speeds it up a little and underlies the melody with heavier bass beats. I think we have the making of a classic here.


Silent release of new Jarre single

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As part of some bizarre plan to promote Jarre, the single for the new album has been released to no fan fare at all, and zero communication to the fans (I hear the person who is the closest thing we have to an official fan club has been told 'no comment' several times !).

So, I've tracked down the video snippits, and MP3'ed the steam from the Warner site.

This is time shifting for people who aren't technical enough to manage it themselves, and so legal.

You can find them here.


Jarrelook at Prestion Guildhall II

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I can't wait, so this will be replaced with a full review, pics and video in a few days, but in the meantime, for those of you not going (Tim!), check out what you'll miss (thanks to JarreUK).

Update 6 July: Sorry, still no time to do a proper review, there are raw video and pictures in the gallery though.

Feel free to make copies or reuse them, but if you do so give us a credit.

Jarre feature on 'How Do they Do that ?', 1996

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The show How Do They Do That is hosted by two idiots, Jenny something and Eamonn Holmes. What's more embarrassing is that Holmes actually was educated at the school I attend now. Anyway, here's the interview, 99.9% word for word off the original broadcast I have. Note sometimes there are inaccuracies on the part of the presenters, but I've left them in. Also the are some grammatical errors in Jarre's English that I've left in too. I've kept most of his hesitations!!! :)

Thanks to Brendan Heading

(This content previously on my old site)

How I met Jarre

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Our story begins on Friday 6th June, 1997...
The morning of the Birmingham leg of the Oxygene 7-13 tour.

I was woken at about 7am by the sound of one of my flat mates banging on my door and shouting 'Phone !'
Now, I was meant to be up in about an hour to go to University anyway, but I'm not the most awake person in the morning, so I stagered up stairs to the phone.