The end of btrfs

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Well that's the end of btrfs for me; barely a month in it's shat itself and taken my /home with it.

I've lived this long without metadata checksum and snapshot...

I was able to extract a list of trees, even though it wouldn't mount, even with the various recovery options, using

btrfs-find-root /dev/mapper/vgkubuntu-home 

This will split out a bunch 'well' things. I got lucky and when I passed the number of one of those to


Monitoring Powerline speeds ( TP-Link TL-WPA8630P, TL-PA8033PKIT, AV1300)

Submitted by Falken on

Get or compile in particular `plcstat`

For some reason it only reports devices other than the one connected to, so you will need at least two machines to monitor the whole network, and it has to be run as root.

So I have two root crontab's that sync to the same place the results of `....plcstat -i wlan0 -t` which looks like


Using a Sun Type 7 USB keyboard in KDE

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If you look around, everyone make it complicated. It isn't.

* Settings > Hardware > Keyboard
Select the correct keyboard modal, then on the Layouts tab add a new one for your language, layout, and select the 'type 7' variant.
Move it to the top of the list so it's default.
Enable nothing in the 3rd Advanced tab

* Reboot - you should find the volume and power keys work


Monitoring TP-Link Powerline speeds on a TL-WPA8630P

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Edit This no longer works on the latest firmware because the calls are now encrypted. It's trivial to reverse with the AES key just being based on timestamp, but there is an easier way :
Monitoring Powerline speeds ( TP-Link TL-WPA8630P, TL-PA8033PKIT, AV1300)

Firstly, you'll need to use your web browser's network debug panel to intercept a login request to the access points web GUI.
You'll want to find the 'Basic admin' cookie.


Raspbian and media keys

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Just got a Raspberry Pi3 and a bluetooth keyboard and annoyed that the media keys for doing things like change the column don't work ?
Just add these to ~/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml after all the other <keybind> before the </keyboard>


Epson XP-312 ink status script

Submitted by Falken on

The following script outputs the percentage of each ink tank from an Epson XP-312 313 or 315 series WiFi enabled printer.

The output looks like

K:96 C:80 M:12 Y:34

which is perfect for feeding into Cacti or other monitoring systems. Guess I'd best go get some magenta ink !


Linux (Kubuntu) on Dell Latitude E5430

Submitted by Falken on

tl;dr important stuff all works. Minor stuff like finger print scanner easily fixable

The hardware is 'certified' by Canonical but this is meaningless because it doesn't say what of the many options Dell offer for the E5430 was used. It also doesn't list correct details for hardware such as Bluetooth, or even that the finger print scanner exists. And there is no way to submit fixes. And the contact us page is 404 compliant. So let's hope Google finds this for you instead :-)

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