The end of btrfs

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Well that's the end of btrfs for me; barely a month in it's shat itself and taken my /home with it.

I've lived this long without metadata checksum and snapshot...

I was able to extract a list of trees, even though it wouldn't mount, even with the various recovery options, using

btrfs-find-root /dev/mapper/vgkubuntu-home 

This will split out a bunch 'well' things. I got lucky and when I passed the number of one of those to


Monitoring TP-Link Powerline speeds on a TL-WPA8630P

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Edit This no longer works on the latest firmware because the calls are now encrypted. It's trivial to reverse with the AES key just being based on timestamp, but there is an easier way :
Monitoring Powerline speeds ( TP-Link TL-WPA8630P, TL-PA8033PKIT, AV1300)

Firstly, you'll need to use your web browser's network debug panel to intercept a login request to the access points web GUI.
You'll want to find the 'Basic admin' cookie.


Root Sony Z3 compact with Lolipop (Android 5.1)

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This keeps all your data and most settings intact, so you can use your phone as you do it (though it will spend a lot of time 'optimizing apps') or stop and go out :-)
You don't need to unlock the boot loader, so the camera quality stays awesome, and you get all the bundled apps, along with the Google ones.

Use the built in update app to go from 4.4 to 5.

Then use the settings, about, update menu to update to 5.1 latest.

Install Kingroot (I used 4.8) and let it root your phone.


Dell have abandoned Linux users, no matter what Ubuntu say about it

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I got a Dell laptop a few years ago, and while scouting around for it's replacement I noticed the Ubuntu Linux folks are still proud to say their stuff not only runs on Dell kit still, but that it's available to purchase and have supported direct from Dell:

"purchase Ubuntu on Dell"