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Updated new tree

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Great thanks go to relatives on my fathers side for their tremendous help in getting this so complete...

I hope everyonewho wants to can view these files, if can't e-mail me. If this doesn't wor, which with my knowledge it probably won't I'll ask Tom :-) But I try mysef first, best experience is by your own learning





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Family Trees are up

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Ok, the information I have got is on this site in .PDF format.
Ashton Family Tree
Dawson Family Tree
Eden Family Tree
Glenny Family Tree
Once the PDFs have loaded you will find an icon which looks like a magnifying glass. Click once left on that then anywhere on the screen, if you carry on clicking left on the screen the image will enlarge so you can read the names.
Go have a look, see if you can spot any mistakes, or if you know any more detail or dates or anything useful feel free to e-mail me.

Family Trees - Not the wooden type

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I've done as much as possible without further investigation. I must admit having only just started the Dawson & the Ashton tree they are lagging a few names & about 2 or 3 generations behind the Eden's & the Glenny's.

I will eventually - hopefully on Bank Holiday Monday place a link here to the family charts I have done already but you will need to be able to read Adobe Acrobat to read them.

If you need to download a copy the link is here, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page, wait for the download to complete & then view the charts.

Should you spot any errors or missing links, please do e-mail me. As I gain more information & update the charts I will be changing the charts linked to on here. Updates will be made.