Flex 2 Schema for XML Editors

Submitted by Falken on Thu, 07/13/2006 - 13:53
Here is an XML schema for the Flex 2 language that you can use with any XML high lighting editor.
You may need to rename it to .xsd if your browser thinks it knows better.

To use it in Eclipse, for instance:
  1. Install the web tools ('WTP')
  2. Associate *.mxml files with the XML Editor in preferences, general, editors)
  3. Add the schema itself in preferences, web and xml, xml catalog, add user. The 'keytype' is the namespace name.
If you haven't seen my posts on FlexCoders: It isn't yet complete, and is based off the great work Adobe did to make one for Flex 1.

The idea is to spot errors as they come up and fix them - to this end if it ever shows errors for valid code, let me know by email or a post here.

I found some small bugs in the Flex 2 Schema (errors given by MSXML): (1) group name='_G_mx.formatters.Formatter' Error: "Empty choice can be satisfied only if {minOccurs = 0}." Solution: Change choice into sequence. (2) complexType mx.controls.List' Error: Schema is non-deterministic. Solution: ???