Submitted by Falken on Fri, 11/10/2006 - 01:00

Technology willing I'll be posting updates here every few hours over the course of Thursday conference. LiveJournal readers will need to check my real blog, sorry.

8:30: Met Ben Forta in the lobby, got checked in nice and quick, now watching the huge tele being built and apraising the swag

9:00 Ben explains why PDF reader is so big (forms, data validation, CF server look ups). Converts scaned graphic to form with wizard. Uses nice GUI to tweak it. Shows round trip PDF to Flex views in same page made with point and drool wizard. Apollo apps will drag from browser to desktop. Scopio will be open beta, run on it already. Important to Adobe that CF intergrated success. 50 new image functions ! CF writes Flash with cfpresentation. Server monitor api, with a UI and alerts, can snapshot server state for later review.

10:00 Why use Flex ? It rocks, I know but most people here don't which is a surprise. Seems to have done a good job selling it to us though.

11:00 I'm already sold on APIs but people new to SOA such as Flex programmers need to understand this type of abstraction.

12:00 BlueDragon sound a lot nicer to work with as a company than Adobe, give debug builds of their CFML server for instance. .Net cfobjects Just Work, like CF8 will.

14:00 Wow, people still write view layers in CF, not Flex ?!? Good Reactor plug, shame didn't mention the not-in-trunk yet Informix support (l'II put the trumpet down now.

15:00 Note to self, Mark likes JD. I'm sure a lot more people will try CFEclipse now, but about half of us here today use it already- more than I expected. Best question was "does it have a design view?". To a round of applause Mark said "No, it's for developers".

16:20 lf Adobe's CFTHREAD is this nice they'll be on to a winner. Adobe's CFlMAGE is nicer too. CFCHART stuff is nice, but we'll Flex it. Interfaces and abstract implementations should be in CFMX. CacheUntillChange is funky, but only supported on one runtime/RDMS combination, which we don't use. There is no Flex Remoting, you'll need to spend about a thousend quid on WebORB on top of at least 800 quid for BD standalone, but NA will then do you deal for BD.

17:30 Adobe have decided debugging is to hard. FusionDebug say "nay" :-) It's magic, how the old CFStudio did it. Works with any client (browser, Flex, …) and runs in Eclipse. FusionReactor is like CF8s monitoring version 2, with added non-monitoring bells and whistles.

late:20 Mark Drew just fell over on the way back from KFC. One filliet burger KIA.