Wonderful week, exciting news

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What an amazing week - I deliberately left it until Sunday to write this since I knew this weekend would be awesome.


Not only did I perform my first concert with the Poynton Community Orchestra yesterday afternoon, music for all some classics by Bach and Beethoven as well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Walace and Grommit. It's really fun Orchestra for over 18s performers who are under grade 5 standard, so if you have an instrument you've not played for ages, or just want to try playing a new instrument then come along.


But we were also dog sitting, so we had the company of the lovely Dougal and Gracie all weekend giving us cuddles and loving the whole time.


So what about "the working week" I hear you ask..... well the working week for me now includes Saturday and Sunday though at reduced hours and my work includes the volunteer work I do. So I think the most exciting news of this week is that I am now Area Leader at 4N Macclesfield North & 4N Wilmslow, what do I have to do then? Well help to keep these meetings 50% Business, 50% Social by helping the team of 3 (both have vacancies for Marketing Co-ordinator so if you love talking to people or want the opportunity to get that in then email me or respond to this for more details) to deliver fantastic meetings running on time and with visiting passporters as well as new visitors, then ensuring @4NHQ are kept fully informed of how every meeting went.


So I have written the workshop manual for the Improving your Cash Collection & Invoicing process event on August 15th at the Grosevnor G Casino, Manchester starting at 10am, so get your tickets here http://bit.ly/1mGnpCu there's limited tickets and their going fast, don't miss out. Met many fantastic people and am building the relationships, so people Know me, Like me, Trust me.


So anyhow after the thrilling F1 today, the cuddles from the dogs and spending a lot of this weekend enjoying Tom's company, I am ready & raring for next week, hope you all are too?