Flex/Cairngorm/CF upgrade notes

Submitted by Falken on
The long-predicted big day is upon us with massive updates to Adobe's Flash player and ColdFusion application server, along with the release of version 2 of (now free) Flex and the recomended 'Cairngorm' framework.

Been waiting for this a long time, so I may be a bit excited for a while :-)

Updated the Flash player OK in a WINE Firefox, but a freshly recompiled flex app now has lots of nasty bevel borders on it. Unexpected. Still waiting for the Linux version of the Player :-(

The import's and dispatchEvent's in all Cairngorm 2beta apps need to be changed, which is a pain but not totally unexpected.

According to the new complier, mx.rpc.Fault doesn't have a description anymore, but the reference docs on flex.org still point at the 2beta3 docs on labs so I can't see how to change our fault handlers. Pain.

*Finally* got a copy of the ColdFusion 7.0.2 updater, installs OK (SUSE 10 x86_64 linux). Starts OK. Version in CF admin reports as '7,0,2,142559', so it's gone over the top of the 'Mystic' beta OK.
flex-enterprise-services.xml from Mystic has been renamed services-config.xml but it's a simple cut and paste job to get destinations and channels copied into the right bits of the new file.
Flex2 remoting to/from CF, Cairngorm 2beta, Coldspring 1 and Reactor latest are all confirmed working OK.

I'm off to hack at our Flex2 code to get it to run with the new compiler and Cairngorm now, wish me luck :-)