BBC shows ITV how it should have done F1

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The BBC have announced the details of how they will be covering the up coming Formula 1 season, and it's a sea change from what ITV dragged up.

"F1 fans will be able to customise their viewing experience through the BBC's multi-platform offering .... On race day, viewers will be able to choose from three different video streams ....the main network feed with a choice of commentary from BBC One and BBC Radio 5 Live; a split screen comprising the main network feed; an in-car camera feed and leaderboard; rolling highlights. "

Murry also returns to do "video race reviews" online.

In addition, it's almost all on BBC One during the weekend, followed by a highlights program like they do for footballists. All the practice sessions will be online and on the red button.
And, of course, it's live. Uninterrupted. Advert free.

Now all I want is confirmation that The Chain is returning too :-)