Submitted by Wheezy on Tue, 11/19/2002 - 09:26

Now I've remebered how to log in I should be able to update you on some stuff.

Let's start with the most recent, I fell over this morning on route to work & my elbow scraped down the bridge wall, I felt a plonker & my elbow hurt, but it has lead me to a decision:

Smart shoes aren't always better then sensible "clod-hoppers" as people have called then so the smart shoes get binned tonight.

Then there's the Bed & evening meal Tom & I are staying in currently, the room has an en-suite bath & shower it's ok but it's a hotel room.

Right then we have my new job - yet to reserve judgment, as always 1st day was a bit slow,along the lines of "there's a phone sort it" kind of thing but I survived, should be getting some accounting work to do today.

Over the week ending 17/11/02 - the hamster - Baillie - whos been with Tom & I since we first got together isn't looking to good, we think old age & becoming a really fusssy eater hasn't helped. I went out with Imprint on Friday & had some beers (but failed to get drunk)then went home with Tom.

Other than that, the wedding is in hot planning, trying to sort stuff out from here (Kendal) via my parents (Maclesfield) to the hotel (Peterborough) is interesting, but we're getting there.

Anyway, work time now.

Oh yes, I forgot. My car engine blew up as well. Thanks Mum for the loan of your car. Not sure exactly what we're doing yet.