Zenus - The Zen ADSL Usage Monitor

Submitted by Falken on Sun, 07/01/2007 - 16:46

Zenus is a Perl interface to the Zen ADSL usage web service.

It features:

  1. A Perl module (zenUsage.pm) to handle the actual communication to the web service that can also be used to build your own custom interfaces
  2. Two example front ends to the module - the main zenus.pl script and a debugging client

Zenus is ideal if you want to integrate 3rd party monitoring systems like Cacti (which used Zenus to produce the attached graph) or if you run Linux and don't or can't make use of the cross-platform Firefox plug-in.

Zenus v2 now longer works due to changes at Zen

A version 3 is in early testing. Please contact me if you want to test it.

Section (old Drupal 7 content)

I've made a new release with this bug fixed.

Although it makes only a fairly minor change in the result, it's potentialy important if you look at the 'amount I can use each day for the rest of the month' number (maxperday).

New corrected output:

allowed:44.2119140625 used:9.8486328125 remain:34.36328125 dayofmonth:25 
estmonthusage:11.8331508135169 daysinmonth:30


Old output:

allowed:44.2119140625 used:9.8486328125 remain:34.36328125 dayofmonth:25 
maxperday:5.72721354166667 estexhaust:87.2285572632623
estmonthusage:12.2299702000111 daysinmonth:31