"You must be having a laugh"

Submitted by Falken on
Is what I shouted over my shoulder to the nasty little oik as I walked stright past the line of people queuing to have their tickets checked as they got of the train this morning.

Maybe it was because it as an hour and a half late, and I'd spent the better part of that sat on a hot train in between stations.

And to continue ranting, I find this - the FIA have got Microsoft to write the ECUs for the 2008 cars !
You know all those comparisons where people say ' you wouldn't expect your car to stop 3 times a day and refuse to start untill you took the stearing wheel off and put it opn again ' ? Well now, we can have that for real !

Hopefully it's just MS branding something made by someone who's got some experience and competence. We wont be that lucky.
How much must MS's insurence against taking a team out because their box crashed have cost !?!