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So as you've probably realised the Yoga updates have stopped happening, my apologies for that, however since I am working hard to to make my company Rachael Chiverton Ltd a success I hope you will forgive this slight overlook.

I've joined (for me) a fabulous networking group called 4Networking, become Group Leader of 4N Macclesfield North been on a train the trainer for 4Development & researching venues to run a workshop on writing the best Intro round you can. More on this soon (that's a promise & my word).

So far this week, as a self-employed person you don’t get weekends just reduced working hours, I have spent 57 hours either promoting my company, raising my profile or doing volunteer work for the charities I chose to volunteer at.

These charities are: Live at Home Macclesfield & District, King Edward Musical Society of Macclesfield (KEMS) and Barnswood Scout Camp.

So if anyone tells you, it's an easy life being self-employed, or asks "Don't you get bored of daytime telly?" the answer is definitely NO & NO. I watch less telly now than I did when I was employed. I'm a much happier person, I can give back to the community whether it's a community who have helped me in the past, one I've grown up with, or one I hope will support both my generation and my parents generation and this IS A GREAT FEELING.

Unfortunately, the weather (too hot, though not today), the garden too dry (yes the greenhouse still is) and the commitments mentioned above mean the Yoga has not been happening.

I know that to look after myself I should make time as it will improve my heath, my sanity & my feeling of worth for myself, however if I make a promise to do something, I keep it.

Hopefully over the next few weeks, not only will I be able to tell you the business is getting better know and the charity work is in a position it doesn't take as long, I will also be able to inform you how the Yoga is doing.

If you don't get why running your own business means extra work, or why giving back to the community is so great, then contact me. I would like the chance to explain why my life since employment is so great.

Bye for now