What Lemmings can teach us about CPU speed

Submitted by Falken on Mon, 01/26/2009 - 14:18

You can now play lemmings online, in JavaScript (i.e. without a browser plugin).
In other words, the virtual language running in the cross platform virtual language inside your web browser, running on top of your GUI, on top of your operating system, is as powerful as one whole Amiga.

The SI unit of CPU speed should, therefore, be the Amiga, rather than something like '[mega|giga]hertz' which is clearly meaningless.
It's obvious what 'being as fast as an Amiga' means, where as '1.45 gigahurtz' isn't.
Similarly, 'ten Amigas' (meaning, able to play ten Lemmings games at one) is much clearer than all this duel-core, quad-socket lets-you-do-many-things-at-once fluffery.

As an aside, that means we can probably play Lemmings on our Wii, rar !