What an amazing week

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What a week, I need to take a breath before I write this one up.......

Monday was awesome, not only did I write the Workshop manual for my event on August 15th, Invoicing and cash collection workshop I also prepared for my first Barnswood Scout Camp committee meeting as Treasurer. We had masses to discuss, it ran quite late, but for a first meeting I was very proud of how it went. I just need to send round some more documents (no don't groan please guys)!!

Tuesday I wrote my Bronze, Silver and Gold packages for the company website (just waiting for them to be put up), had a fantastic time at Poynton Business Lunch (the Tarantella is an amazing venue, though their website could do with tweaking) before coming home to practise my 4sight followed later by the amazingly busy #4NHour, every Tuesday 9-10pm.

Thanks to #4NHour I discovered a Business Expo was happening on Wednesday not an hour from where I live, so I rearranged the diary and went over for an explore. The interest from the stands was fantastic. The people I met from helping out at the 4N stand really interesting and the number of connections I have made within 4N getting details for the follow up emails, astounding. However the day wasn't all fantastic and it made me realise, even self employed people have bad days.

What happen I hear you ask? Well, I started by spilling a whole cup of hot tea over me before I even left the house! Then I dropped my free Pedometer (thanks Lancashire council) and the screen fell off (fixed by some no-nails though) and finally driving home someone wasn't concentrating and ran in the back of. I'm fine, the car is fine it was just annoying. Anyway these things happen, you shrug them off and carry on.

Thursday, well it was good I practised my 4sight some more, sorted out my VAT, contacted people I'd met on Wednesday and generally enjoyed having sunshine and the fact tea was cooked for me - Man build BBQ, Man cook on BBQ :-)

Today has been fantastic and so thrilling again I am really proud of myself - I gave my first ever 4sight. I know quite a few who are reading this won't know about 4sights, so here's a summary of mine....I spent 25mins talking about my love of music and giving a demonstration of playing the Violin, Viola, Treble Recorder (Culminating in the first line of National Anthem 2bars on each instrument) and then warbling the Theremin.

Want to know about 4Networking and the massively supportive people that attend the meetings each fortnight? Then click here.

The evenings I've spent relaxing with Tom quietly watching telly or chatting much needed our time. You can never have enough Husband/wife time, it's as important as work time :-) Love you honey.