Week 1 summary for the new me

Submitted by Wheezy on

Well OK, calling it week 1 might be a bit much since I actually started the week on Tuesday, but as I said in my first blog I am going to write a weekly report, so here goes.

Since it is the first week, I get Saturday & Sunday off, so my week does actually finish today.  I've progressed from learning the stretches & moves to putting them together in a 30 minute workout.  Lessons I've learnt;

  • Do NOT do this in the lounge with the curtains open & a sun dress on - the world will see your underwear
  • A lot of the moves so far are the stretches I was given in Physio, so it's great to be reminded of them
  • If you struggle with a move, use the modified version, or modify it yourself (though generally the modified ones shown are great)
  • If you shake it's OK as it means your muscles are working.

I've done 3 workouts this week, I can feel some of them getting a little easier, others still feel the same but progress takes time. Time is something I am prepared to give this programme. So far, so good & I am sticking to it.

More next week folks :-)