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To ensure as best we can that you do not have your On: traffic intercepted by ISPs such a BT, Virgin or TalkTalk who may be using the illegal Phorm tracking service (aka Webwise), the following statement is necessary:

The contents of this site, and communications between this site and its users, are protected by database right, copyright, confidentiality and the right not to be intercepted conferred by section 1(3) of the UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.  The use of those contents and communications by Internet Service Providers or others to profile or classify users of this site for advertising or other purposes is strictly forbidden, except where the explicit consent of the owners of this site has been given in advance.

See Open Rights Group for more info.

We do not track or profile you on our site. If your ISP is BT, Virgin or TalkTalk, then they are illegal collecting everything you do on the web, for their benefit. If you value privacy, you must move to an alternative (such as ours, the excellent Zen) who have promised never to use anything like Phorm - and be sure to tell them why you moved.

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