Riding High, enjoying life & in the papers

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Thought it was time I gave you all another update, yes as the title says I am really enjoying my life at the moment.Why?

Wilmslow launch team

On Monday I launched 4Networking Wilmslow Evening Group with the fabulous 4N Chairman Terry Cooper sharing not just his top tips from 40years of sales, but also which cars he drove in the last 4 decades, unfortunately ne broke the trend with the last one & stopped going for brown interiors! It was a fabulous meeting with 21local businesses in the room. If you would like to come along to our next meeting, then you can book your place here. Really want to thank the team (pictured above) for all their help in making this such a success, cheers Richard Tonge, Daniel Bennett and Jen Hinds, couldn't have done it without you.

2014-09-24 09.12.30

On Wednesday at 4N Macclesfield (one of the groups I run) we had Olaf Frank from Naturally Empowered Wellness getting Chris Clarke from (his less publicised company) Can't Do That, Martin Byrne from Business Protect and Beverley Moore from Writing Point  in these interesting positions. Captions in comments please ;-)


Rounding off the week as Autumnal temperatures hit Poynton, I decided to have the first autumn/winter fire of 2014 and sit down to read the Macclesfield Express who had recently run an Article on myself and 4Newtworking.


Life is fabulous and that is down to all of you, my friends, contacts, colleagues and family, so Thank you ALL.