Is this the new me, can I keep it up?

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Now I'm working for myself, I don't get the hours walk each day, or the exercise of carrying bags to & from Manchester. During a conversation in Edinburgh last week, someone recommended I look up YRG Yoga. 

I've just done my first workout & loved it. Yes it was challenging, yes I was shaking but that is good (apparently). I am going to try & keep this up, so I use all m muscle each time I do it, have a workout to stick to & hopefully gain some core strength as well as better muscle control as the session go along. I have to try this out.

Each week I am aiming to post a blog with how it is progressing, what benefits I'm feeling, as well as if I am stilling managing to keep it up.

Wish me luck guys, I have a tendency to start these things then give up so I hope this blog also helps to keep me motivated until really feel the benefits.