Monitoring Zen ADSL usage

Submitted by Falken on Wed, 05/17/2006 - 21:51

This page was for the version 1.0 client, which is now obsolete.

Please update your bookmark to use

Section (old Drupal 7 content)

If you re-download from the above link, you will get a version that works as of now.

You can confirm you have the new version by looking at the 3rd and 4th lines - if these are not a brief description and the URL of this page, it's the older one.
This and future versions include a version string in the 'browser->agent' line (around line 17 in this version).

Best foot forward to you all, enjoy !


The download is now version 1.1, which copes with the changes Zen made last Tuesday.

Sorry for the delay, been on holiday.


Zen made some changes late Wednesday, the latest version corrects for these and makes a few more robust checks that it was able to login OK.


Zen made some changes Monday lunchtime, which version 1.3 can cope with.

Also features better detection of sucess, and will exit with an upgrade prompt when it fails.


The command line checker has been updated for the recent changes to the Portal.


This release updates for the latest version of the portal.

The official web API can't come soon enough !

As a quick note, the beta of the next major version of the client works well with the beta of the web API.