Monitoring Powerline speeds ( TP-Link TL-WPA8630P, TL-PA8033PKIT, AV1300)

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Get or compile in particular `plcstat`

For some reason it only reports devices other than the one connected to, so you will need at least two machines to monitor the whole network, and it has to be run as root.

So I have two root crontab's that sync to the same place the results of `....plcstat -i wlan0 -t` which looks like

P/L NET TEI ------ MAC ------ ------ BDA ------  TX  RX CHIPSET FIRMWARE
LOC STA 002 98:DA:C4:C4:BF:BC 3C:A9:F4:14:2C:58 n/a n/a QCA7500 MAC-QCA7550-
REM STA 003 34:E8:94:D7:22:22 54:80:28:57:D9:1E 130 080 QCA7500 MAC-QCA7550-
REM CCO 005 34:E8:94:D7:1E:44 04:81:9B:CE:8A:20 263 338 QCA7500 MAC-QCA7550-

Then to get them into a key:value format for Cacti

bar_tx=`grep 98:DA /tmp/plcstat |cut -d' ' -f 7`   
bar_rx=`grep 98:DA /tmp/plcstat |cut -d' ' -f 8`   
lego_tx=`grep 22:22 /tmp/plcstat-laptop |cut -d' ' -f 7`   
lego_rx=`grep 22:22 /tmp/plcstat-laptop |cut -d' ' -f 8`   
office_tx=`grep 1E:44 /tmp/plcstat |cut -d' ' -f 7`   
office_rx=`grep 1E:44 /tmp/plcstat |cut -d' ' -f 8`   

echo rx_rate_0:${lego_rx} tx_rate_0:${lego_tx} rx_rate_1:${office_rx} tx_rate_1:${office_tx} rx_rate_2:${bar_
rx} tx_rate_2:${bar_tx} > /tmp/powerline

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