Last weeks cycle rides

Submitted by Wheezy on Sun, 07/03/2011 - 23:19

Welcome to my new blog at some point after each ride, I will update here with where we went & how long it took. I will try to include pretty pictures of maps showing where we went, but these may be in the future as I learn how to do them :-)


So in catch up, last week Tom & I cycle on Saturday, we cycled somewhere But I can't remember where, these write ups will have to happen more frequently.

Sunday to the Unicorn pub had a soft drink, then cycled to The Leigh Arms at Addlington where we again stopped for a soft drink, then we headed home.  Time of day: Started at about 4pm, Mileage: 8.7


Tuesday was again to the unicorn. Started: about 7pm, Mileage 5.4miles,+SK12+1HN,+UK&hl=en&sll=53.335545,-2.13209&sspn=0.054224,0.169086&geocode=FYDCLQMdiI_e_yE2NOc4ihObnA%3BFYkWLgMdkVLf_ymTr67JXUt6SDEav2_0Odfmug&mra=ls&t=h&z=14.


Friday we went to Wilmslow for the first time, finishing for the first time at what used to be The Rectory. Started: about 6:30pm, Mileage: 11.4miles,-2.228675&hl=en&ll=53.341226,-2.185078&spn=0.054217,0.169086&sll=53.326835,-2.228003&sspn=0.001711,0.005284&geocode=FYkWLgMdkVLf_ymTr67JXUt6SDEav2_0Odfmug%3BFRqzLQMdPf7d_w&mra=ls&t=h&z=13


Think that is all from last week, now Tom has created a cycling category I can update these more often!

That's all for now folks!