Installing Flash CS5 will break your Flash debugging in FireFox and Flash/Flex Builder

Submitted by Falken on

Sometimes I am amazed that two parts of a single company can't work together.

Today was a classic example - I needed to install Adobe's Flash CS5 authoring tool, and already had a debug Flash player installed in FireFox. I also use Flash Builder for debugging Flex in the standalone player.

Installing CS5 broke both these things ! Why CS5 felt the need to mess, without asking or apparently thinking, I have no idea.

The fixes were fairly easy, but shouldn't have been needed.

  1. Reinstall the Flash Player in FireFox
    I use Flash Switcher so this was easy enough, as I also wanted to try out the 10.2 beta 1 release from yesterday.
    I assume CS5 just stomped all over my updated version, and installed something full of security holes. BAD SOFTWARE !
  2. Change the default application for .swf
    Open a folder with a .swf file in, right click it and choose 'open with..., choose program'. You should already have an entry like 'Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r53' so select that from the list and tick 'always use'. If you want to be really sure, browse to the location under the Flex Builder install root \player\win\10.1\FlashPlayerDebugger.exe and use that.
    CS5 had changed this to a non-debug player, a fairly stupid step for a development environment like CS5.

And that's most of my morning wasted, and me put in a right bad mood. Cheers Adobe :-(