Idiotic 'most wins' rule scraped

Submitted by Falken on

In a statement just issued, the FIA have decided they don't know better than the Formula 1 fans they asked and all the teams they asked over the summer break, and scrapped the 'driver with the most wins gets the world championship' idea they had.
And it turns out, they couldn't introduce the change this close to the start of the season any way.


As just one example of what this stupid, ill thought out, idea would mean:
Suppose a driver wins three or four races in the season, but crashes out in a ball of fire the rest of the time. Meanwhile, someone else comes second or third in every single race. Clearly the second driver should be ranked higher than the first, and win the world championship (maybe) - F1 is about being consistently fast, not blazing a trail of burning oil for a few races here and there.

And, to add to my joy, I've just seen the second trailer for the BBC's newly returned coverage. And it has The Chain. Oh yes, home indeed.