How to become smoke free: My journey, trials, failures and successes - An introduction

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My dream is to become and remain smoke free. I'm not there yet,I am still working towards this goal.

Is it your goal to stop smoking too? If so, in this series of blog articles I am going to share my journey with you.

You may be asking why?

Firstly, for me. I'm hoping that by sharing these blogs, I will get a better understanding as to why I haven't been able to stop smoking yet. Identify which emotions I need to address in order to succeed in the future and work through the feelings I have about smoking. I want to document my journey to help me reach my ultimate life goal - to be healthy and smoke free.

Secondly, for you. I know from my own experience that overcoming challenges and reaching goals is far easier when other people are working with you. My aim is to help you realise that the feelings, emotions trials, successes and failures that you are experiencing are normal.

Ultimately, my hope is that my journey and story will inspire and encourage you to reach your personal goals too.

This is what I’ll be sharing with you:

- Everything I've been through so far

- What has helped me to stop smoking

- What hasn't help me to stop smoking

- How I feel about smoking

- What emotions I've gone through before

- What emotions I'm feeling each time I write

Do you want to stop smoking?

Throughout this series the comments section on these blogs will be open, and I would love to read about your stories around smoking / stopping smoking.

Your feedback and interaction on these blogs will help keep me accountable to a) producing them and b) working towards my long term dream of becoming and remaining smoke free.

I also know that it’s good to share your own challenges and successes with others, and I’d like to give that opportunity to you.


I have to thank Mark Schaefer and his book “Born to Blog” (…) for the inspiration for this personal blog. I am only up to chapter 6 but the inspiration I have gained from it has been amazing.

I have to thank Chris Marr, ( founder of the Content Marketing Academy ( ), for introducing me to Mark at the Content Marketing Academy Conference in June 2016. You can find out more about the 2017 conference here (

Also to everyone in the Content Marketing Academy who has helped me grow in confidence so I feel able to share these stories on the web.