The ghost of Spectra lives in ColdFusion 8 !

Submitted by Falken on

For those who don't remember, Spectra was an Adobe application framework that provided a web based desktop and work flow capabilities on top of ColdFusion, that has since been retired and then open sourced.

But it turns out that the ghost lives on, because if you ask ColdFusion's document indexing service, Verity, for information about a collection, it lets you know that a ghost created it :-)

# ./mkvdk -collection /opt/coldfusion8/verity/collections/aCollectionName/ -about

mkvdk - Verity, Inc. Version 5.5.0 (_ilnx21, Sep 4 2006)
Collection about resources:
Creation Date: 06-Apr-2009 15:43:18 pm
Collection Creator: SPECTRA