Formula 1's 'Spygate'

Submitted by Falken on Sat, 09/15/2007 - 13:04

So, now the FIA have released the details (17844641__WMSC_Decision_130907.pdf) what do we know ?

De la Rosa and Alonso both had tech. details from Ferrai and swapped amongst themselves. Both new it was illegal, and came via Coughlan. Eek. And there was a lot more info than we thought:

4.2 New evidence has come to light which strongly indicates that the transmission of confidential Ferrari information from Stepney to Coughlan was not limited to the 780 page dossier. This evidence demonstrates that a far greater level of communication existed between Coughlan and Stepney than was appreciated at the 26 July WMSC meeting. This evidence was submitted by Ferrari and is deemed credible as it originates from the Italian police and is the result of an official analysis of records of telephone, SMS and e-mail contacts between Coughlan and Stepney.

And the WMSC firmly lays the blame at the door of Alonso, de la Rosa, Coughlan and Stepney. And no one else. Not the McLaren team. Not Ron Dennis. Just those two McLaren drivers:

4.14 In the absence of another explanation, in light of the number and timing of the communications between Coughlan and Stepney and the e-mail exchanges
between the McLaren drivers (see above), the WMSC regards it as reasonable to
infer that Coughlan was in receipt of a flow of confidential Ferrari information
from Stepney and that at least some of that information was communicated to others within McLaren (e.g. Mr. de la Rosa and Mr. Alonso).

Alonso shouldn't be in that car this weekend.and his super-licence withdrawn then. Not the team punished. They didn't know anything. And there's so little chance of any stolen tech. being on the car the WMSC refused McLaren's offer to come to the factory and look for it.
Unfortunately, the WMSC had given Alonso immunity in return for the emails, so couldn't fine the person who did wrong, so they've fined the team. 3 months to pay up a third of next years budget. And if you appeal, you have to pay even if the appeal takes more than 3 months. Christ.

So next year they'll have no help with transport costs, little TV income, tiny garage etc. Years of hard work wiped out.
Gawd knows if their sponsors will stick with them.

Max says this is them 'getting of lightly', a clear threat that if they appeal it could get a lot worse. I'll ignore his attempt to say Ron was lieing when he said he knew nothing, because Ron immediately pointed out at the time that was true. At least ITV are on the ball this weekend and interviewing people who matter rather than asking some floozy where the best shops are.

One other interesting point, at 8.14: I wonder what Hamiltion said that Alonso didn't think was important. Maybe "Not me guvnor, it was 'im" !

And Ron has just said on TV that Alonso tried to threaten him with release of the emails, trying to use it to get the team to dump on Hamilton. Ron thought it was an empty threat and told him to stuff it. Geez !
One wonders if Alonso will be in the team next year...