The Flex SDK team talk

Submitted by Falken on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 22:16

(follow up to [node:1556])

Well, that was... manic :-)

There was, I think, the general admission that things could be improved - Adobe being more transparent and talking more things through in public, for instance.
It was also acknowledged that it's probably too late to try and get your pet feature into Flex 4, but it was said they'll pick up on the speed that submitted patches are accepted. Being able to submit patches is a great way to get started with a new project, because you'll normally be able to focus on a small set of functionality.

Flex 5, the ongoing development of Flex 4 and the bug fixing in Flex 3  have a strong, open, future ahead of them, based on what I heard.
Public meetings at the start of each 6 week-ish cycle for the Flex team will also help involve the community in steering Flex into the product we want.

One thing that did come across was how much everyone there loves the platform, and appreciates the time that people pour into it. Nice to be using something other people love.

Trying to have a sensible ordered discussion with around 200 other people in a real time chat session is... interesting - I guess we were all surprised just how many turned up, but any sort of working through of the things listed at the start was going to be difficult.
Something else will have to used next time - maybe the same voice/unvoice ask-the-moderator system used on IRC would work better in Connect.

Update: Recording is up