First performance of June Unfolding

Submitted by Wheezy on

This was the amazing opportunity that I was given along with all members of #KEMS Orchestra. Chris @swithinbank wrote an amazing piece as our adopted composer for the season in association with #BBCradio3 & making music.

The piece was formed on June 18th  as part of the #Barnaby celebrations in #Macclesfield celebrating 750years of it having the Market Charter.

What can I say about this amazing piece? Well stunning, different, challenging, amazing for voilas (thanks Chris for giving us some solo instrument time), interactive, amazing & new. It is really difficult to find the right words to describe the feelings &emotions this piece created for the players, it isn't often that you start with a single note & then explore what can come from & what makes up that one note. Thankfully you can also share in this awesome new piece, thanks to BBC sharing this extract of the recording, download it listen & give us your thoughts.

The full recording will be on Radio3 I believe in October & will update once I know when that will be.

I really must thank the BBC, Making Music, KEMS & their musical director Anthony Houghton for this opportunity as well as Chris not only for the piece, but allowing me the pleasure of meeting such a talented gentleman.