Submitted by Falken on Wed, 06/21/2006 - 21:50
Oh, this is great -  because of not-really-understanding-what-they-were-doing, Microsoft didn't know until very recently that by wiring one pin to the earth in their XBox console, you could make the very first instruction the CPU runs not come from super-secure-ROM but from you-can-put-anything-you-like-in-it Flash.
Which renders all their bonkers security useless.
And they can't change it because it's hard coded into the very fabric of the CPU because of stupid-legacy-reason.
And you can write to the Flash by putting a specially mangled saved game on a USB stick and loading it.


And who found all this out ? The Linux people - they are far, far, too knowledgeable. And really, really good at keeping a secret :-)

(Yes, I have been reading that as an antidote to the bloody football)