Becoming a non smoker again

Submitted by Wheezy on Fri, 06/24/2011 - 14:15

Having finished Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking, this is day 1 & I now understand the brain washing that kept me a smoker for the last 15 years. Having this understanding means I can address the fact I have been an addict to the drug Nicotine for these years , knowing I am now free of this addiction meaning I am once again a non smoker.


If you are looking to stop smoking, don't call it quitting as you are giving nothing up, I highly recommend this book.  I will try to add to this blog during the next few weeks/months/years but I am starting with the positive attitude & knowing I have no need to feed either of the big or little monsters which will shortly die. I would recommend anyone to read this book, both smokers who want to stop & non smokers with a loved one they would like to stop.  For smokers as said earlier, it explains the addiction & removes the need to remain addicted.  For non smokers it explains the brain washing & covers how you can support smokers until they are ready to read the book & leave the sinking ship.

I will try to remember to keep this blog updated.


To a nicotine free future, regards

Allen recommends you don't change your life or your attitude towards each day, therefore to celebrate becoming a non smoker & since I am on holiday, I am having a glass of wine to celebrate.

& bizarrely the one I am missing the most is the last one before bedtime, I haven't really found it that hard at all today, just been watching telly, meeting with my dad, cooking for my parents & a bit of shopping, so nothing majorly exciting, but all things I would previously have separated with a cigarette, not any more. I don't need the weed & the monsters are dieing

Struggling this evening, back to work tomorrow & worried I will not take time to review the rules, or forget one of them & not stay a happy none smoker for the day.

I need to take today as today & worry about tomorrow tomorrow, then I shall be ok, I know.

If I take today, as today then it is amazingly positive, I have watched an F1 GP, done 2 loads of washing & been on a 9 mile cycle ride, all of which I used to associate with the nicotine monster, today none of them were associated by any more then a thought of "monsters are dying". Even that thought was not needed as often as previously the monster would have been fed, so really a very very positive day

All the best peeps - hopefully updates through the week

I'm in the same boat and am finding today challenging so far if only for the different associations with the monsters and lack of options for doing "other stuff". That said I've made it this far and I have no intention of giving up now - once I reach the end of today I'll have proved to myself that I can handle weekends, exercise, driving, shopping and work scenarios without giving in to a stupid craving for something that's fundamentally sh#tty anyway :)

Awesome is all I can say, being able to access twitter & Facebook from my mobile phone during the office hours allowed me to keep in contact with great friends & the extremely good support network @allencarr on twitter &!/AllenCarr on twitter.

I was also awesome to learn that by me reading Allen's book & writing this blog I have assisted Rob Dudley with some new views on the weed & how to get rid of it. this all in 5 days :-)

Work today went well, not the most interesting of days, but I didn't have to remind myself that monsters were dying anywhere near as often as I expected too. A few colleagues got told, am I am sure the gossip network will spread the news for me before long, I was for today avoiding the comments "for how long this time" or "well done for the few days" as I don't know how to respond, since everything I say will be taken the wrong way.

Anyway, still going strong, no cycle ride today as it's raining, but the monsters are dying meaning I am getting stronger by the day, smelling sweeter & enjoying life more.

Found it harder today, been close to tears, been close to giving in, but haven't. if i had some in the house then I think I would have failed, but not now. I don't know what triggered it to be so hard but today was hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sorry that is a really nutritive comment, the whole day hasn't been after a very steady if frustrating day at work, we got home, prepared tea & then went for a 6mile cycle ride whilst tea was cooking. That was amazing & the first time we have done a ride after work.

However to then only get the option of watching telly I'm not interested in or, guess what, telly I'm not interested in... has really frustrated me further, winding me up hence the 1st paragraph.

At least I can let some steam out here which is helping me to cope.

Good luck all

Hi All,

I really want to write loads about how much better & positive it has been today, however after a lovely meal out with @thefalken & a day of trial, tribulation & temptation leading to deep breathing instead of the weed I really think this update deserves more than a 3min update.

So please bear with me & you can have a double update tomorrow after work as always.

Thanks for support & patience

Hi All,


Sorry for not updating more recently, I have tried to update this a couple of times using my smart phone, but it failed like most IT things with me do!

Right, back to the point, it has now been 9 days sine my last weed & how amazing do I feel. The week at work was a "normal" one in that I had meetings, deadlines, accusations or should I say misinterpretations of errors etc etc but yet the need for the weed was not there. Occasionally I used the "Yay I am a non smoker" technique but not often.  Tom & myself have also been out for a couple of meals which would normally have sent me outside before during & after such an event, however not once did the weed intervene or actually had it not been for the positive mentions by Tom it probably wouldn't have been thought about during our meal on Thursday.  Friday meant watching 5 hours of telly none stop (an amazing Jean Michel Jarre concert, twice,!/jeanmicheljarre ) again a week ago watching this without the need to go outside & watch through a window - yes I did get that addicted - was unthinkable, this time however not a problem.

Yesterday we went to an outdoor concert at Jodrell Bank (!/search/jblive) which meant getting there for 3ishh in order to get a decent spot, & then not getting home until 2:30am, with horrendous exiting car park issues.  They did cater for the drinker, having 2 bars, & the smoker, having 2 cigarette booths, however I wasn't even tempted.  We were surrounded by smokers, some on "herbal" others on "normal" brands however it didn't not affect me, I didn't want one & even pitied those who still suffered the addiction. I was very impressed that the brainwashing has definitely been removed confirming me as a happy non smoker in all ways.

My expectation is this blog will be updated less often now. So have fun everyone, thanks to everyone for reading. Thanks to all my friends for your support. Finally but no by no means least, thanks to Allen Carr & his team  (twitter: hlttp://!/allencarr , facebook:!/AllenCarr) for the amazing realisation of how to escape the trap. If these blogs have inspired you I really would urge you to try his book, or DVD, or clinics if you are ready to be free.

I am going to try & blog about the cycle rides we have started going on with this new energy & life I have, so if you wish to keep up to date with my progress follow the new blog (once it is written).

To Happy Smoke Free Days.


I feel bad for everyone who supports me but I blipped.

Started Friday night when we went out straight from work, why after 6 weeks  did I decided I couldn't enjoy social event without a cigarette?

Now I am trying & probably failing to be a secret smoker. I am worried about the next 2 weeks at work & sure that isn't a reason, but it has happened. Whilst I still have the weed I can't stop me from putting them in my mouth, sorry to everyone I need to have these last 3 then start over.

really sorry to everyone who supported me & I haven't gone fully back.

I promise


So you blipped ... the question is are you committed to continuing your efforts to quit? I've really struggled as a result of a number of blips (all alcohol related I should add) but am still  doing my damndest to soldier on.

I know that I can quit this (and have!) and now I need to focus on those times when my will power or mental acuity isn't 100% and see if I can find a way to go out for a drink without my resolve crumbling like so many soggy hobnobs.

For me the real risk was the feeling of "Oh well I gave it a good try and I failed so I may as well keep smoking" ... which is obviously a load of nonsense. All of the reasons behind my original desire to quit are still there, I've the same amount of common sense, will power and ability to abandon the horrible habit as I did before I blipped so I carry on. 

Yes the setbacks are really demoralising and yes it is much easy to consider giving up on the process but every blip arms you with a bit more knowledge about yourself and how you react to certain situations. I'm hopeful that with time, persistence and gratuitous application of sheer bloody mindedness that I will one day find myself in a pub and realise I haven't even considered having a fag.

If this comes off as in any way "preachy" or moralistic, that's not my intention. I'd just want you to know that blips happen and I've taken the view that it's how you handle them that matters.