A beautiful evening going wrong?

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It's valentines night & once again we're dog sitting so my parents can see Olive HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE (my niece their granddaughter) on her birthday, so how to make it special?

As payment for the dog sitting, Dad provides the wine. So a nice red & home cooked roast, since I'm here to cook it, I thought, or so was the plan!

Dad turned up earlier than expected to collect me, before which I noticed wind damage to our greenhouse, so that had to be fixed - thanks Dad. When they left me with the cute & cuddly dogs, their house as always was cold, so I lit the fire before unpacking.  Mistake no1 - I had left the instruction for tea at home, sure I had put the recipe book in the suitcase, maybe I thought about then noticed the greenhouse, oops (can't leave the fire unattended so), no problems I know the book name & the meal name I'll Google it, or so I thought.

Could I find the right one, not on your nelly. So I found an alternative which was simple enough & has ingredients I expect Mum to have in. Mistake no 2 - don’t assume what someone else has in their kitchen, decide on the recipe after you've checked  what is in the house you are staying at.

New recipe got and amended to accommodate the contents of parents fridge/cupboards, meat prepared and in the oven, great I thought. WRONG again. Mistake 3 - The meat I'd brought was too large for any of Mum's casserole pots (always bring your own dishes if you have checked they fit the meat you've bought).  Problem averted, use a roasting tin & covered with tin foil. #clever thinking & win :-)

Mistake 4 - the oven can only take one shelf (due to size of meat) so now I have meat cooking, potatoes soaking up lovely olive oil, dressed with salt and pepper but no oven to cook them in.

I really hope Tom appreciates all the work  arounds I've had to do to try & give him a lovely Valentines meal to say thank you for being so amazing and not minding missing a night out/home comforts on a special night so my parents can see Olive on her birthday.

I love you so much honey - sure I can find a way to cook the potatoes & carrots too (surely)