Adobe updates to help the ColdFusion community

Submitted by Falken on

Today Adobe released two updates to ColdFusion resources which will really help out the community.

Firstly, ColdFusion is now listed on 'Community Search' which searches all the official Adobe documentation as well as selected blogs, web pages and other non-Adobe resources. As I often find a working example from a real user more useful than a dry API doc., this is great. You can restrict the results to 'just Adobe' if you are trying to seach for things on just the DevNet or real documentation.

Secondly, ColdFusion joins other Adobe technologies such as Flex in the new commenting system that spans the API docs, DevNet and all* the other Adobe ColdFusion resources.
One of the things this does is allows members of the community to help correct or expand on pages on, or easily share a quick tip.

You can read more about both these systems on the Community Help blog.