Adobe launches new fourms with a few niggles

Submitted by Falken on Mon, 04/06/2009 - 10:37

The new Adobe Forums launched recently, and there are a few gotchas to using them:

You can't start a new thread using email, so you are forced to use their web site.

You can't use the plain text option on the web site, because line breaks are eaten when you post.

You also can't use the rich text editor on their web site if you need to spell checker your posting (and everyone should !).

All the links in old (i.e. last week) emails for 'view/reply to this' are broken and just divert to the new front page of the forum.

The 'View all participants' doesn't (it just leads to a list of one person).

Previous subscriptions were not inherited, at least mine weren't.

None of these problems are unsolvable, but it's a shame to see them in something that otherwise looks quite nice.

I'll update or comment here if I find anything else.

Update 14/4/09: The ever-great Matt Chotin says things are being worked on, and the format of the email body has already been adjusted.