Dell have abandoned Linux users, no matter what Ubuntu say about it

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I got a Dell laptop a few years ago, and while scouting around for it's replacement I noticed the Ubuntu Linux folks are still proud to say their stuff not only runs on Dell kit still, but that it's available to purchase and have supported direct from Dell:

"purchase Ubuntu on Dell"

So I followed the link over to but there was no mention in sight of a Linux O/S option. Fortunately I know Dell have a great online support system so I though it would be easy to get a working link, or find out what option I need to pick.

This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.
Your session ID for this incident is 3419507.
01/22/2012 02:15:30PM    Session Started with Agent (Ritam_Sengupta)
01/22/2012 02:15:30PM    tom: "Hi, I'm looking for a Dell in the 500ukp range with good Linux support, which models would work best for normal day to day use and some light coding ?"
01/22/2012 02:15:41PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Thank you for contacting Dell Chat Sales. This is Ritam, your sales advisor for today."
01/22/2012 02:15:42PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Hello Tom"
01/22/2012 02:16:06PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "I have seen your initial query - unfortunately, we do not have machines that support Linux as the OS."
01/22/2012 02:16:21PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "All our machines are windows compatible only and do not have drivers for Linux"

That was disapointing. As well as a laptop I have a Dell server for the house whirring away upstairs, again that was supported with Linux on (RedHat I think). Note I didn't say 'laptop' above, but Dell come right back with 'all our machines are windows compatible only and do not have drivers for Linux'. But... I mean, there's that page on the Ubuntu site...

01/22/2012 02:16:57PM    tom: "Umm... ?"
01/22/2012 02:17:21PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Yes, the solution is not available in Dell UK and Ireland am afraid"
01/22/2012 02:18:22PM    Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "We do not have machine that support Ubuntu any more am afraid"

Well, that's very clear then :-(

Dell has dumped Linux users. Unless you know different, Agent Sengupta was wrong or I can't read ?

Submitted by Raj Rijhwani (not verified) on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 19:09


Funny you should say that Dell are not supporting Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure that only recently the Ubuntu UK podcast were quite pleased to talk about their ongoing support from Dell. ( One of the presenters (Alan Pope) actually works for Canonical somewhere in the realms of community engagement. He (and the podcast, and the other presenters) can all be found on Twitter. PS. Hello Tom.

But, still no sign of a way to buy a laptop with Ubuntu (or any Linux) support from Dell. The URL in my post just goes to a generic laptop chooser page.

PS Raj of umtsb5 fame ? How are you doing all these years later ?