Removing text from rrdtool

Submitted by Falken on
Annoyed that people keep asking you about the stupid little message on the side of your rrdtool graphs ?

Worry, no more, just open up src/rrd_graph.c and head on over to line 1964 or there abouts (such for 'RRDTOOL' or 'logo').
Move the '*/' down to after the 'TOBI OETIKER");', like this:
/* rrdtool 'logo'
    gfx_new_text( im->canvas,
                  im->ximg-7, 7,
                  ( im->graph_col[GRC_FONT] & 0xffffff00 ) | 0x00000044,
                  5.5, im->tabwidth, 270,
                  GFX_H_RIGHT, GFX_V_TOP,
                  "RRDTOOL / TOBI OETIKER");*/

and recompile :-)
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