Dear idiots at ITV's F1 coverage

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What are you doing ?!? Cutting of a rookie's first win press conference would be bad enough, but this is a british rookie too !
Are you trying to annoy people ? You have 4 whole channels you could use to carry proper coverage - I can understand not wanting to disturb Coronation Street, but two films and some TT race-in-review session ?!? You could have dumped those and noone would have noticed.



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My mother text me to ask if i was watching the 'Lewis Hamilton' GP. This was meant to be sarcastic, just before the penultimate GP,last season. Well done Lewis, an all of that, a great talent. The problem is, F1 got boring during Micheal Schumacher's brilliant reign at the top for so long......or so we keep hearing! Im pretty sure the "brundells" and "Blundells" of the itv F1 commentary world, are handsomely rewarded for their work at the end of each season, so its just as well Lewis was still in with a winning chance at the final race of last season, because just as soon as stunned Lewis lost all transmission in the mclaren, allowing all chances of the championship win pass him by, we the viewers lost all commentary as a result! Their personal favourite, did not win the championship, so, they lost interest!!! The commentary was ,here and there, after that! If this is your job and you get paid for it, get over it and find somthing else to comment on! Twits! You werent at home on your sofas, free to sulk all day! Murray would have made his point and moved on to keep the excitement alive for all viewers, a professional commentator! So i ask......was it really Schumacher that caused us to loose interest during his reign?? or were we just unexcited by, post Murray Walker F1 commentators,who forget they are not in cockpits anymore,or at home on their sofas, but supposed to comment on all activity on the track not solely what interests themselves! The germans reign must surely have been a difficult time for them to be excited about anything!!!!!

The JOY of listening to the likes of Blundell & Brundle is that they have actually driven in the type of race they are commenting on, unlike Murray (who, incidentally I DID enjoy listening to). Please tell me what is wrong with actually supporting your own countrymen anyway???? Can I remind you of Murrays reaction when Damon won the title or does your dis-interest extend that far back??? Next thing I'll hear is that you're a football, there I think we can definately talk about biased reporting.

your half right and half wrong with this comment Bludell and Brundle are fantastic commenators - but they do go alittle over the top to say the least, yes they did drive a formula one car - but! it was years ago, and didn't they really win anything ? NO They do have a right to be bias, but no the the extent that they Always speaking to lewis over the other british drivers (as itv-f1 is british) - even lewis's dad gets more air time then Dc and button. and no i am not a football fan! Dont start mocking murray, as he was only bias once Damon actually won something which lewis hasnt - a world title! and frankly i dont see lewis winning it until 2010! why ? as although this year mclaren seem to be ok since their spy gate, they arent. now i have seemed to have typed a fair bit - and i am sorry for that BUT dont get me started on supporting your own countrymen ! it shouldnt matter who you support in formula one, even if he is brazilian or finnish - being british doesnt mean you have to support british drivers

Absolutely spot on !!! I said the same thing to my bloke. "Come and watch the Lewis Hamilton show!!" Ok so he`s British and all that, but come on! One other thing, how come Hamilton is always `Driver of the day!` but when Alonso was world champion he never qualified for that honour, and it always went to some bloke at the back who managed to overtake some other bloke at the back ??!! Now I hear Hamilton and Co have a 5 place penalty. Hope the commentators have the ST johns wort handy.