Flex 3 Schema for XML Editors

Submitted by Falken on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 14:39

Because of the large changes in the MXML attributes from Flex 2 to Flex 3, it wasn't possible for me to spend enough time changing the [node:1344] to support the new version.
Fortunately, there is no need for me to do so because the XSD4MXML project has one for download, plus source code to generate it yourself from Adobe's own source code.

Adobe release pocket Flex 3 / AIR 1 reference for free under creative commons

Submitted by Falken on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 10:35

If you are still waiting for your Flex Builder 3 posters to arrive, you could do worse than print out a copy of the 'pocket' Flex/AIR reference Adobe just released.
At 20 double sided A4 pages it's a bit bigger than my pockets, but still makes a handy go-to book to keep on my desk - even printed on the plain old office printers the print is readable.
Page 4 has a handy 'show to people who ask what I do' diagram too :-)

Using the Flex 3 Data Visualisation components with the Flex 3 SDK

Submitted by Falken on Mon, 02/25/2008 - 09:53

For reasons best known to themselves, Adobe do not ship the trial Data Visualisation components with the SDK download, so you have to extract them from the Windows download yourself.
Update Aug. '09:The DV components are now available on their own, with full source and no need for a Builder licence to remove watermarks.
If you need older versions though, you'll still need the below instructions.

First, install the Flex 3 SDK:

How to make your Eclipse plugin list survive an Eclipse upgrade

Submitted by Falken on Mon, 02/18/2008 - 18:53

If you are playing around with the Linux version of Flex Builder, CFEclipse, or generally mucking about with your Eclipse, or need to upgrade to a new Eclipse version, you've no doubt been annoyed at the way this removes all your carefully installed plug-ins.
Fortunately there is a way to keep them across Eclipse re-installs.

All you need to do is create a few magic directories and one file:

Does your Command call your View (tsk !) ?

Submitted by Falken on Thu, 01/17/2008 - 15:30

Imagine a DataGrid. A DataGrid that is displaying Model.searchResults, but needs to start an effect and reset selectedIndex when the data changes

One approach maybe to follow a pattern than involves having the Command call a method on the View, and this view method takes charge of doing whatever else is needed.
This makes Commands more complicated and means Events have to have an extra 'view' property which is kept in the Command as a private variable.
The View then has to expose a public 'onCommandNameResult' method which the Command calls in onResult().

Having read http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/blueprint_02.html[1] I think there is a better way to have the View respond to change in the Model (i.e. Command results) without needing this callback.

Flash-based online BBC catch-up launches

Submitted by Falken on Fri, 12/14/2007 - 19:36

I mentioned before ([node:1490]) this was coming but it's online now over at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/. And it all seems, as expected, to work very well.
If our V+ PVR ever fails to record something, at least we have a backup.

Oh, you have to (appear to be) in the UK for it to work, on the assumption everyone in the UK has paid the licence fee and no one in the rest of the world has.

Using RSL cache in Flex Builder

Submitted by Falken on Wed, 12/05/2007 - 12:14

One of the reasons I love Builder (apart from CTRL-O and CTRL-SHIFT-R) is that I've actually managed to make the new RSL cache feature of Flash Player work, when previously I'd failed totally to do it using the free command line SDK compiler.

Taking the instructions from Adobe's RSL cache wiki entry, it was a simple matter to go through and set the Framework, RPC and DataVisualization libraries to be RSL .swz and .swf files.