Scotch on the Rocks, day 3 (live)

Submitted by Falken on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 10:29
Sean Corfield, Event driven programming in ColdFusion
richer ui interfaces require more interaction (and less structured flow) than simply responding to clicks
decouple where things happen from what happens with them
multiple handlers for an event, how to define this:
configuration - ModelGlue, Mach-II, JavaScript and Flex
flex is more implict than JavaScript or CF frameworks - combobox listens to events on the dataProvider by itself.
convention - event user.list maps to user CFC list() method

Scotch on the Rocks, day 2 (live)

Submitted by Falken on Thu, 06/05/2008 - 10:19

Borre Wessel, Modularizing Flex, Cairngorm & Modules
adds complexity - do you have a good reason i.e. large, slow to start applicataion, is code easy to share cross project (i.e. a well written component)
main application (in applicationDomain hierarchy) needs to have ref to any class shared across module
rsl (non-framework) actualy make your app bigger, but are stored in the browser cache, so if your next app needs same one that will be faster to start


Scotch on the Rocks, day 1 (live)

Submitted by Falken on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 11:11
Key note
Cf8 and beyond
Cf8 'doing very well' no more 8.releases
Cf open proc. Initive, open bugs, hurrah. More open to community, share control of new features etc. Built in frameworks, etc.
Claude englebert is emea cf adobe contact, one at last.
'cool' air/flex intergration, number 1 item is improved developer experince. Ide straw poll, eclipse massive win.
CF isnt just web apps anymore, your code hooks to Flex, AIR, PDF etc now.
Lcds bundeled with cf8, much easier then cf7 horror.

Wow, this AIR stuff really works

Submitted by Falken on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 10:40

(yes, another AIR success story, but it's mine :-) )
My wife and I are lucky enough to get the same train in and out of the city, and it was on the journey home on Friday that she mentioned some work flow changes in her office. The upshot of these changes was that she was having to look at raw XML files many times a day.

I foolishly mentioned I could probably knock something up 'in a few hours' to make this a lot easier.


Adobe release pocket Flex 3 / AIR 1 reference for free under creative commons

Submitted by Falken on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 10:35

If you are still waiting for your Flex Builder 3 posters to arrive, you could do worse than print out a copy of the 'pocket' Flex/AIR reference Adobe just released.
At 20 double sided A4 pages it's a bit bigger than my pockets, but still makes a handy go-to book to keep on my desk - even printed on the plain old office printers the print is readable.
Page 4 has a handy 'show to people who ask what I do' diagram too :-)