Formula 1

7.5 mile non stop ride


Today was a circular route with no stops: Started: about 4:10pm, Mileage: 7.5miles


After the exciting F1 of this weekend, as well as the red button (not the driver) coverage we decided on a ride since the weather was good & we were both in great spirits after Lewis's win :-)



Idiotic 'most wins' rule scraped

Submitted by Falken on

In a statement just issued, the FIA have decided they don't know better than the Formula 1 fans they asked and all the teams they asked over the summer break, and scrapped the 'driver with the most wins gets the world championship' idea they had.
And it turns out, they couldn't introduce the change this close to the start of the season any way.



Official: Formula 1 gives Ferrari special treatment

Submitted by Falken on

Well, what we've all suspected all along is now out in the open, the Ferrari Formula One team really are given special help over and above what any other team gets. As Bernnie says:
"[what] Ferrari get above all the other teams [is] the 'general help' they are considered to have had in Formula One".

Goes above and beyond the extra money they get and some way to explaning the bias in the stewards decisions last year that....